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Great news,

We have a date for re-opening the Scottish Barbering School.
Mon July 27th.

We know there has been a lot of people contacted us during lockdown enquiring about courses and some of you are keen to get started straight away.

We will be working with a reduced number of students to start with and we can then build from there introducing new students when we feel it is safe and practical to do so.

Our timeline is this,

We have some students who are due to Graduate within the first few weeks we will bring them back first on 27th July, we have another group of students who had their training interrupted due to Lockdown, we will bring these students back mid August and then we will be able to look at dates for new students.

We have changed the lay out of the School to enable us to have better social distancing, the new lay out will also be better longterm.

Please be patient with us as we go through this early transition period.
We are working to a September timeline for some new students, the exact date will be based on how we feel things are going with the first 2 groups. If we can bring new students in any earlier we will.

We can assure you we want to get as many new students started as soon as possible.

SBS team

The market for men’s hairdressing in the UK is increasing year on year. Unfortunately the demand is not being met with an increase in skill.This is not a criticism it is the reality. A lot of training programmes for young hairdressers have very little and sometimes no men’s training. Gents hairdressing is a specialised area and has to be approached in a specialist way.
Young hairdressers can now qualify with an industry approved NVQ/SVQ Level 2 Certificate without having done any training in men’s hairdressing as it is no longer a requirement which creates challenges for The Male Salon Client,The Young Hairdresser and also The Salon Owner.

For this reason The Scottish Barbering School Courses are Experiential based in order for our students to experience the in depth dynamics of cutting and styling men’s hair. There is a great thirst for Knowledge, Skills and Techniques among Young Hairdressers who want to build their confidence and their client base in this growing exciting field.

Regardless of which area of the hairdressing market you are in, you cannot ignore the major shifts in the male market and the major shifts in their spending and buying power.

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